Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Source change!

I have moved with development to GitHub https://github.com/BSData/wh40k

It's much better and we have set up cool site to have nice frontend.

We invite you: http://battlescribedata.appspot.com/#/repos

From now on I won't update this blog. At least, I don't plan to.

On our site you can easily report bugs, or even send fixes. :)

Cheers! See you on GitHub/AppSpot!

PS Current revisions are: TEv22 & FESv9, available from mentioned site.

Monday, March 24, 2014

TEv21 & FEv8 - Vespid stats updated

TEv21 & FESv8:
- Vespid Stingwings have Initiative 6
- Vespid Strainleader has Initiative 6, Attack 2 and "(Character)" unit type

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Firebase Support Cadre fixed!

TEv20 & FESv7:
-> Riptides in Firebase Support Cadre are now min-max 1-1, as should
-> Broadsides in said formation now have default weapons/systems as should
-> No Force Org Slot for XV8s Bodyguard teams, all types.

FESv7 only:
-> said formation, when taken, sets min=0 for compulsory XV8 team, now it shall work as expected (no error when taking FES FSC formation)