Thursday, January 16, 2014

Firebase Support Cadre fixed!

TEv20 & FESv7:
-> Riptides in Firebase Support Cadre are now min-max 1-1, as should
-> Broadsides in said formation now have default weapons/systems as should
-> No Force Org Slot for XV8s Bodyguard teams, all types.

FESv7 only:
-> said formation, when taken, sets min=0 for compulsory XV8 team, now it shall work as expected (no error when taking FES FSC formation)


  1. How do we add the Riptides into the formation? They don't come standard!

    1. They are in Formation Detachment. As you choose your Primary Detachment, choose additionally Formation Detachment, using Tau catalogue, and voila!

    2. I did, but all it does is add 2 squads of Broadsides. The riptide is linked to as required, but not actually set in the formation - and I can't see anywhere to actually insert the Riptide into the formation.

      I ended up editing the catalogue (both the Tau Empire and Farsight Supplement) to fix it...when I get home I can send you my copies if you'd like, I'm not sure if I did it completely right but it is working for me at home now.

  2. Error on your tau list (which is great by the way - Thank you so much)

    The Vespid Strain Leader has 2 attacks not 1 as listed on the current build

    Also as these are jump troops and not jet pack troops they also get the Hammer of Wraith special rule which you do not currently list - not technically an error more of an oversite.

    Again great list and thank you for making / updating it !

    1. As for profile update, you're right. However I won't list all special rules coming from different sources, such as jump infantry's HoW, or many MCreature rules. These are rules of a given unit type. So called "common knowledge". So don't expect such rules ever to show up.

      Still, good catch with that Attack typo!