Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Tau blog opening!

I'm proudly announcing all of you the A'mis Kau'ui (Cadre) Blog opening.

In my totally first post I'll introduce you to history of A'mis Cadre.

In the Third Sphere Expansion there was a planet. But it wasn't typical one.

Department of Fifth Tau Research-Colonization fleet flying in the vicinity of this planet found it to be suitable for colonization. So, after drones checked atmosphere colonization begun. Military aspect of expedition was supervised by a young Commander Shas'el Bork'an A'mis. El'Amis ordered to establish a military base in the desert, in the middle of the main continent. Overall it was a desert planet. Very quickly Tau found in the deeper parts of the planet large deposits of strange, yet unique metals.
Tau, however, had been unable even to begin excavations, when the long-ranged scanners detected the presence of Space Marines' battle barge. El'Amis ordered the highest degree of combat readiness. XV8's were pre-armed with Plasma Carbines, Barracudas and Tigersharks were readied. And then the most important part of A'mis history started to roll onto the History pages. Space Marines started invasion aggresively, as always - just after preliminary bombardment Drop Pods poured through atmosphere. Shock waves reached the underground "deposits of strange metals".
Surface of the desert started to move, shake, rumble, and there were venomously green flashes. And they arrived; teleported to the surface by their Lords, Necrons began attack . The attack on all living things. Supported by the Destroyers and Monoliths were definitely mortal threat in the newly launched conflict on the planet.

El'Amis and captain of Ultramarines quickly entered into an alliance against the Necrons. It was the only and obvious way to save the skin on both sides.

Okey, I have to get up early tomorrow. TO BE CONTINUED

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