Monday, December 21, 2009

New WIP! Commander remake

Well, it was week since my last post, but I'm still alive (miraculously), and I just received pacel with lots of great stuff! It looks like somebody bought Shas'O R'myr and made copies. Well, I bought it paying 70 PLN (about 15 GBP), R'myr costs about 22 GBP. Not counting shipping prices. So, all in all, I made great deal. Here is pic of what was in parcel.

When I saw how fantastically elastic with posing I am with those parts, I thought how I want my battlesiut to be posed. Firts, I had to put all parts off main body. My old "firstly paint, then glue" rule was helpful, nothing was broken in process.

Then I remembered Matrix, and suddenly wanted to try how O'Amis will look in it like. And what do you think, guys?

Merry Christmas!
Shadow Hunter

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