Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SMs attack Tyranids! BR

Here it is! Cygan attacked Tyranids territory with his brave SMurfs!
I have no idea about upgrades and generally about details of fight, it was battle for like ~750-100 points, so I can just show you pictures:

Beginning of the game: Tyranids start

Space Marines force trying to take Tyranid territory, supporrted by massive Land Raider:

Tyranid army readying to defend their territory and counterattack at those little an few grey knights...

Somewhere at the end of the game (4th - 5th turn) Tyranids overruning Ultragreymarines:

Space Marines counter attack in the "Last Stand" type:

Game ends and Tyranids have two Strategic Points, SM have zero. Great Devourer have defended his flora and fauna, and in the repercussion Tyranids can take one of SMs territories on a roll of 3+! Mauryc rolls enough and take the one with power station:

However this was SMs turn, and Cygan chose to build Manufactorum on one of his territories.

Next time we'll meet for campaign matches will probably be New Year, so it will be some time 'till campaign update will fly into Web.

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