Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Barracuda WIP part 5 - painting camouflage...

Just quick photo update (click to enlarge): I painted Barracuda's bottom in mix of Ice Blue and Skull White. I hope to paint black areas at least before Easter. And generally to end painting in next week. Let's see what future will say about those plans...

See you,
Commander O'Amis


  1. That's looking nice. Are you going for a sandy, desert colour scheme on the upper surface?

    How do you rate the Barracuda model. I feel like it's one of those moderately affordable Forge world kits that I could eventually justify.

  2. Well, in fact I love Barracuda. And I wanted it because of its look. In fact, rules are rather far from making me put her in army, because it's Heavy Support for a cost of 22 pure Fire Warriors and it doesn't provide amazing support at all. Of course, I'll try her in future games, but right now I don't count on her in battle.

    And yes, I think I'll go for sandy scheme on top with classic Tau scheme, but I was thinking about using aerograph for camo lines.