Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Change to BatttleScribe catalogue blog

Ok, I don't really have time for painting now, so this blog transforms into what I do now.

That means it's a blog of my Tau Catalogue, changes, decisions etc.

Now I won't put a link to it here, but only index of my repository. This blog will let you know about updates, version bug-fixes, new features and so on. So to get up with my The Catalogue topic, here is short list of fixes from previous versions:

v7 changes:
-> Weapon Systems for all entries are now accordingly limited, according to FAQ, allowing taking more than one system type
-> MV52 Shield Drone has invuln. save added to statline
-> Disruption Pod rule changed according to FAQ (from "Stealth" to "+1 cover save")

v6 changes:
-> signature systems correctly warn about 1-per-roster condition;
-> Shielded Missile Drones are stacked now;

v5 changes:
-> Pathfinders' Carbines now link to Markerlight profile
-> Seeker missiles on Broadsides cost 8pts now
-> Renamed Groups to include clue as to how many entries you can choose
-> Crisis Bodyguards are now No Category, are allowed 1 for each Commander and Commander Shadowsun
-> Farsight has his own Farsight Bodyguard, also in No Category
-> Crisis Teams now allow correct number of Drones be taken
-> Supporting Fire and bulkiness rules are now Rules of team, as I think it's more clear, and saves space on roster
-> Hammerhead submunition is listed as another weapon - I think it's better solution
-> added profiles of Stealth, Crisis, Broadside and Riptide battlesuits saying they come with multi-trackers and blaksun filters
-> I tried my best on recovering most options for Forge World units as close to "most fitting" as possible
-> I've updated Apocalypse and Spearhead formations

v4 changes:
-> Seeker Missile option added for Broadsides
-> Markerlight profile updated
-> Pathfinders auto-take Pulse-Carbines (was 0-1, is 1-1)
-> Ethereal has correct weapon choice
-> Farsight's BG is now 1-7

v3 changes:
-> Pathfinders have limit of 10 in countbox
-> Hammerhead gained ability to upgrade to submunition
-> Skyray costs 115 (was 125)
-> Broadside Shas'vre has default selections of weapon
-> Sorted out Support System availabillity

v2 changes:

-> Twin-linked weapons now take 2 slots instead of 1
-> Saves and Toughness while taking Shield gens or Iridium armours change acordingly
-> Shielded Missile Drone now correctly takes equipment automatically
-> Vespid Stingwings: updated stat profiles, can take 3+Leader (couldn't, had to be 4 normal, then Leader)
-> added [FW] designation for Forge World units, also they'll show reference on roster


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