Monday, June 17, 2013

v10 : IA 3 SE Taros Campaign update!

v10 changes:
-> all units updated according to Imperial Armour 3 Second Edition: Taros Campaign,
-> XV81 & XV84 Signature Systems
-> Hammerhead Weapon variants
-> Barracuda Air Superiority Fighter
-> Tetra Scout Speeder Team
-> Commander Shas'o R'alai
-> Commander Shas'o R'myr
-> Drone Sentry Turret Team
-> Kroot Knarloc Rider Herd
-> DX-6 Remora Drone Squadron
-> Piranha TX-42 Squadron
-> XV9 Hazard Close Support Team
-> Goaded Great Knarloc
-> Heavy Gun Drone Squadron
-> Mounted Great Knarloc
-> Sensor Tower Grid (a Fortification now!)


  1. Whoohoo! So awesome, thanks man!

    Little bit of debugging:
    - Neuroweb - "A the start of each enemy Shooting phase", "A" should be "At"
    - Puretide Chip - "At the start of zour Movement phase, choose a special rule? " Change to "At the start of your Movement phase, choose a special rule:"
    - Tetra appears with "Forge World TauUpdate.pdf p2" as opposed with "IA 3 SE: Taros Campaign p154" on list generation. It's fine on one part of list generation, just not the part next to unit name. (I also see the same problem with other FW models)

    1. Also, I haven't found any other incorrect references, Tetra was the only one. Can you tell me if there are others I don't see?

  2. Where do I find fortification in Battlescribe?

    1. You need to choose Force Type "Fortifications" and add it besides your primary detachment, and choose "Fortifications" catalogue to get access to Fortifications form rulebook, or Tau Empire catalogue to choose fortifications from Imperial Armour Taros Campaign