Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tau vs Ultramarines campaign battle report

Points: 1500
Mission: Capture and control
Deployment: Pitched battle

Tau army list:
XV8 O'Shadow Hunter w/ PR, AFP, Shield Gen., Stim. Inj., 2x Shield Drones, Multitracker,

Ethereal no upgrades

XV8 team:
Shas'vre w/ PR, BC and MT, Drone Contr. integrated
Shas'ui w/ PR, BC and Drone Contr.

XV25 Stealth Marker Team:
4x Shas'ui w/ Shas'vre upgr, Fusion Blaster (vre), ML (vre), 4x DC, int. MT (vre), 4xGD, 4xMD

FW team:
10x Shas'la w/ Shas'ui upgr.

FW team:
10x Shas'la w/Shas'ui upgr., Gun Drone and Marker Drone

Kroot Carniv. squad:
16x Kroots w/ Shaper,

PF team:
4x Pathfinders w/ Shas'ui upgr. and 1x Rail Rifle upgr.
Devilfish w/ Disruption Pods

Hammerhead w/ Railgun, BCs, DP,1x Seeker missile,

SM army:

10x Tac SMs
10x Tac SMs
Land Raider
10x Devastator squad
not sure about those Tacs and Devs, but who cares... ;)

Strategic points: blue cricle
Infiltration: yellowish green circle
One Tac Squad was given infiltration thanks to Sicarius, my XV25's were infiltrating, and first time ever I infiltrated Kroots, which was probably biggest mistake in this game, but about that later.
Before game, after deployment:

Ok, first bad thing: SMs started infiltration. They infiltrated at the position forcing me to place XV25s further from Land Raider than I'd have wished. 
First turn
I was first, and so I moved Kroots, moved XV25's, commander left FWs who embarked into DF and sped behind those circular towers. XV25s with MD help and DF killed 4 SM, which is pretty good beginning. Kroots ran, because of nothing in range to shoot, but only 3". At least, they got cover from blastscape. Pathfinders markerlighted devastators with lascannons (they split into two teams: one with 2 lascannons and one with heavy bolters). Then Rail rifled one missed :S BUT FWs have killed one. Commander not having range because of going to have cover meant no more kills in this turn. Oh, and Hammerhead stunned Land Raider. Then of course XV25s and commander made their jumps.
After my turn:

First thing my friend Cygan made, was deep striking drop pod with sternguard. Uh-oh, which unit's gonna die...? Kroots. Well, there's nothing bad, what would not work out for good. At least, FWs are safe this turn. Devs' lascannons stunned DF, don't remember rest. Here are pics:
Kroot history in first and their last turn:

Our dead piles after 1st turn:

Board after 1st turn:

Board after Tau second shooting phase:

Board after Tau second turn:

Board after SM moving phase in 2nd turn:

Board after Tau 3rd turn:

after 3rd Tau turn:

end of 3rd SMs' turn:

Board after 4th Tau turn:

Few views after 4th Tau turn:

Board after 4th SM turn:

Board after 5th Tau turn:

Board after game:

Tau win! With 3 fearless Fire Warriors having Ethereal within 3" of objective (white ruins) and Ultramarines with neither claimed nor contested objectives, Tau won battle! That means I can try to take off one of SMs territories. I roll 6, which means I can! So, this is campaign board after this battle:

We accepted rule that each player can build one building in his turn. So, I built Manufactorum:

Well, thats all.
In next battle report: SMs attack Tyranids!

PS. all pictures are on my WebAlbums page.

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