Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Magnetizing Fire Warriors WIP

When I got my Tau Megaforce two years ago I started with painting FWs and HH. As far as now, I primed HH white, hating previous paint, 'cause I didn't know about primin (yeah, that's time to laugh at me). And the sasme (not primed) is with my FWs & Commander.
Few weeks ago I thought: hey, why not try Carbined FWs? then was post in Tau of War blog. So I started to break off hands. Several heads broke off too because of painting then gluing (never ever more!!!). I drilled like a week, and now this is effect:
All of them have changeable hands. Here are 13, but 14th is on table nearby.

More details here:
As yo can see normal right hand with weapon is no problem, just three magnets and FW is ready, hovewer guys with grenades and so, who are holding weapons in left hands need two hands each and, it may seem like two arm plates, don't know how is it in English ;) . BUT I found solution - I need three more magnets, yes, but I can easily have more magnets than those (oh! I remember) shoulder pads.

Well that's all for now. Next WIP will be about Barracuda assembling, and of course magnetizing (I think I'm in love with those little metal friends...) everything able to be magnetized! =D

PS. Probably I will be given aerograph tis Christmas, and 'cause I never used one, do you have any advices?

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