Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010: Tau, let's roll out!

Well, for 2010 I decided to glue (and) paint at least one unit a month. Let's hope it'll be fulfilled. And watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in first hours of New 2010 Year, I made up my mind about Tau: more Crisis Battlesuits in Transformers poses. Do you remember Ironhide shooting his two guns to turnover? I'd like to see Crisis like this. Or Optimus Prime, shooting in face this huge Transformer in Shanghai... whoa. Okay, we'll see what borns out from those ideas.

On 1st of January, I played two games with my friend: one versus Space Marines at 1,5k, and one at 1000 points versus Da Orks.

In first game I played with:
-Shas'O with Shield Drones, in my favourite cofig (PR, AFP, Pos. Relay, Stim. inj., HW MT);
-Shadowsun: so long from her last game...
-team of two Crisis in Plasma/Fusion combo (A.K.A. Helios);
-three teams of 6 Fire Warriors;
-team of Kroots;
-full Pathfinders' unit, one with Rail Rifle, with mandatory DFish;
-squad of 6 Gun Drones;
-two SDTs;
-unit of two XV88, leader with Target Lock

"Master B" had:
-5-6 Sternguards with two meltas and Drop Pod
-2x10 Tac Marines in Drop Pods
-5 Scouts
-Dreadnought with Drop Pod
-10 Assault Marines
-Land Raider

We rolled for mission and deployment: massacre - Annihilation in Dawn of War...

We started with nothing on table, he started by dropping two Tac squads and moving Land Raider with Scouts onboard. He hid it, so I can't shoot him anyhow. And I moved eveything in, except Kroots, Gun Drones and Shadowsun. Shadowsun Deep Struck in second turn, but managed only stunned result on Damage Table. Drop pods with Deathwind were killing big amount enough to make me hate them for rest of my life, as Tau Commander. And so, I hadn't luck with Land Raider, and Scouts from inside charged shadowsun and killed her in Sweeping Advance, as I remember. Well, not good. XV88's got charged by Tac Marines, but managed to destroy one Drop pod (leader missed: two 1s!). And I was slowly losing one after another units: game was a complete Master B's win!

It was 4:8 kill points for him.

Mine were:
1 Tac squad
1 Drop Pod
Chaplain and
Sternguard squad

He killed:
Broadside team
2x SDT
team of Kroots
Shadowsun (by Scouts... :O )
2x FWs team
Crisis squad

Well, it was a good and nice game, hovewer I will NEVER ever take such a bad army list...

I wil post second game later,

Happy New Year!

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