Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bat Rep: Tau vs Orks at 1000 pts

So, after being smashed by Ultramarines, my friend drew out Orks. And so I played my revenge against Da Greenskins! We agreed board was good, so not changing it. After rolling who is better (Master B), we rolled for mission and deployment: Seize Ground in Pitched Battle - really nice.

So, I deployed a recently created army list for horde armies:
Shas'O in always-to-be config
2x three-man Crisis team, each with TL flamer and two Gun drones
10 man Fire Warrior team with Shas'ui upgrade
10 man Fire Warrior team with Shas'ui upgrade with Devilfish
10 man Kroot squad
4 Pathfinders without any upgrades (besides Disruption Pods for Devilfish)

Orks had:
Big Mek with this funy-always-rolling-for-strenght gun
30 Boyz
30 Shoota Boyz
3 Orks in Mega Armor with one kombi-skorcha and two kombi-rokkits with Trukk
6 Warbikers

So in first turn he moved Trukk to my firebase and shot with Mek's Shokk Attack Gun, killing one Fire Warrior,  and moved and ran with everything else, contesting one objective with Turbo-Boosting Warbikers. I moved one DF and those now-9-man FWs squad embarked inside. Commander shot with Big Gun, killing about 3-5 Orks and 1 more with Plasma. But best of this turm was when 10 FW's, with Markerlight help, Destroyed Trukk. However Trukk was close enough to enable Mega-Armors charge next turn. Not good.

Then Master B moved everything forward, claiming one objective with Boyz, Shootas claimed objective, contested 'till now by Warbikers, and shot with Big gun at FWs, killing few more. So I was loosing. Well, 'till next turn.

Ha-ha! Burning Wave (Crisis team) Deep striking in perfect spot, thanks to Pathfinders' DF. Diengaged drones from DF were trying to make Mega-Armors not charge next turn. I burn like18-21 of Boyz with Burning Wave, Commander taking off two wounds from Mega-Armors, and FWs, with Pathfinders help, taking off two more, in effect killing one, two remaining with one wound. However I decided to charge them with Drones and Commander, to be perfectly sure my Scoring unit won't die. Of course, they killed Commander, but not drone, remaining in Close Combat in his turn. Not bad, not bad...

Then Warbikers charged Devilfish (only destroying weapon), Boyz charged Burning Wave, Big Mek killing like 1-2 Pathfinders. Of course he killed Drone in Close Combat with Mega-Armors, but he managed to kill only 4 Drones from Crisis team with Boyz, and I disengaged from Close Combat, winning roll for Sweeping Advance! Wow!

In my third turn, next Burning Wave Deep struck in front of Shootas, burning like 18of them,Veteran Burning Wave regrouping an burning 5 of 6 Warbikers, then charging, and thanks to Initiative higher than Power Klawed Nob, killing him in Close Combat. Two teams (one from this Devilfish-which-lost-weapon-last-turn) of Fire Warriors killed those Mega-Armors (with Pathifiders' help, of course), other Devilfish killed Boyz which lost combat with Battlesuits, leaving like 3 of them, I was feeling good.

In Orks' fourth turn, remaining Shootas charged Crisis siut, with better effect, than Boyz, wiping'em out in Sweeping Advance, and consolidating to claim objective. Remains of Boyz tried to hide behind the Trukk. Big Mek shot his Gun and he was so succesfull, that he nearly wiped Veteran Burning Wave out. But that was     all he could do.

Fire Warriors embarked onto DFs and one moved to claim objective, other one (still with Burst Cannon) trying to kill Boyz remains, succeding to leave only Nob with Power Klaw with one wound. Remaining Crisis jumped to hide from Mek.

In fifth turn only one thing Orks could do, was shooting with Mek. So he shot at Devilfish claiming objective, but awww... Disruption Pods once more proved their annoying ability to give me Cover Save =D

Not-objective-claiming Devilfish moved towards objective, and still tried to shoot this Orh Nob, at least killing him, Crisis moved and jumped towards Shootas claiming objective, and this turn Kroots Outflanked, getting Rapid fire at shootas, trying to kill them. Well, only four of them survived, but they were not claiming objective.

The roll for sixth turn was 2, so game was ended. Because of my good mood, I allowed him to move Shootas to claim objective and make this game tactical draw, still having this feeling of win. At least, let him have this draw, we are friend, aren't we? So remember, it's official draw. ;)

Here are two pics showing end of game:

Few nice shots

So, in January I want to make Crisis teams from Rapid Insertion Force I bought last year (how it sounds...). Let's see how I'll do it.


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