Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tournament - 1st game

Ok, I expected I will suck at my first tournament, but this gone so bad... But to start off, I want to show You our forces:

XV8 Shas'o AFP, Plasma Rifle, Shield Gen., HW MT, Stim. Inj., Hw Drone Ctrlr., Shield Drone

2x XV8 Shas'ui TL Missile Pod, HW Drone Ctrlr, Shield Drone

12x Shas'la 'ui upgrade, Bonding Knife, Devilfish (D. pod, MT)

12x Shas'la 'ui upgrade, Bonding Knife, Devilfish (D. pod, MT)

10x Kroot

2x XV88 'vre upgrade, 2xA.S.S., vre: TL Plasma Rifles, HW Target Lock, HW MT.

Deamon Prince Mark of Tzeentch, Wings, Wind of Chaos, Warptime 

10x Khorne Berzerkers Champion, power fist, Rhino

7x Plauge Marines Champion: power fist, combi-flamer, 2x flamer, Rhino

10x CSM Champion, power fist, 2x melta, Icon of Chaos Glory, Rhino

So after looking at my opponent's army list I thought: I have 2 Railguns to shoot at 2 Rhinos and Deathrains for 3rd one. If I can at least stop them from moving, I'm safe. My FWs with Shas'O help are able to kill Daemon Prince in one turn of Rapid Fire, so no problem. I just need a bit of luck on dices. Just a bit. Broadsides penetrate Rhinos on 2s. Hey, I blow up Lnad Raider 1/2 times I meet him, so Rhino is not a problem. Well, it was.

In fluff battle would look like:
After deploying Broadsides and Devilfishes with a bunch of Kroots, XV8s arrived on right flank to make some mess and target a Rhino with those Chaos SMs. However as Crisis pilots saw Daemon Prince standing in front of them, they nearly pissed their pants. But one shot which could have penetrated Rhino, was daemonically destroyed in its flight.  Then Broadsides shot, but they missed and projectiles bounced off the hill. Daemon Prince was flying straight onto one of Devilfishes, second moving away. One Rhino started to drive in pursuit of XV8s, while they were jumping away, but weren't able to destroy it. At least, CSMs disembarked from it and because they destroyed Tau Battlesuits' Shiled drones with meltas, Crisis team flew away for they dear lives.

In the meanwhile Daemon Prince manged to but his hands on Tau Devilfish and destroyed its thrusters. That happening, Kroots, O'Amis, one Broadside (other one stunned one Rhino) and Fire Warriors who disembarked from immobilised Devilfish shot at Prince, killing it immediately. Green, with oganic parts of armour, Plague Marines disembarked from Rhino, and charged on Tau and Shadow Hunter. Their Rhino tried to squash Kroots under its tracks, although it had to stop because Kroots didn't flew, but rather charged and destroyed its bolters. In close combat with Marines Tau didn't get a chance, so they sprinted as fast as possible out of battlezone, O'Amis with them unsuccesfully attempting to stop them... Kroots tried to take attention of Plagues away from Broadsides, but they died in close combat, leaving XV88s to CSMs' melta fire and charge of Plague Marines. At least, they killed one of Plagues with Rail-headshot. Two minutes later Broadside Battlesuits laid down with pilots smashed insides.

On the other battlezone's side second, still working Devilfish flew at rear of last Rhino, disembarked FWs and shot at rear of CSM transport, however it couldn't destroy it. FWs, who counted on DF to blow Rhino up decided it'll be greater good to blow up Rhino, than do nothing waiting for Berserkers from inside. They laid hail of fire, immobilizing it, destroying its weapon and finally wrecking it in flames. Of course, they got assaulted by Berserkers and 4 of them were killed, until they gave up and run out of batlezone in fear of Chaos. Devilfish was charged by Berserkers Champion and two other Marines from squad, blowing it up, paying one marine life for that. Drones survived and tried to fly away, shooting at Marines, but unable to do anything on their Power Armour. Drones from the other DF moved at rear of Plague Rhino, which had stopped hanging in air on rocks, and managed to destroy it with a bit of luck. But then luck of those brave Drones ended as they fell under rapid fire from Marines. That was a hard day and morale wasn't restored in next two rotaas.

The game was completely lost for Tau in 3rd turn, although I still hoped to make it at least draw. I failed, saving Tau lifes for the Greater good, shall they fight better in next game.

On the other side I just read new pairs, and this week I'm going to play against... Tau! Funny thing, our forces are pretty similar. So await next post in close future. It's possible I'll try to post something by mobile phone.

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