Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tournament - 2nd game

Tau WIN!
"For the Greater Good, we shall resolve all conflicts diplomatically!"

So, it was practically draw, however Greater Good won! Bad news is, it wasn't my Greater Good... ;) At first, we tried to resolve this intestine conflict - we played 2 first turns 2,5 hours! Next 4 took 4 hours - diplomacy has failed, so Railguns had to be used. Generally, the game was as tactical, as possible - using cover, manoeuvring, just one close combat, killing, falling back, there were few last stands... I loved that match. It would be pure draw just if I hadn't moved Devilfish from objective, but anyway it was perfect. No only 1s or only 6s dice rolls...

Ok, here are our army lists:
His Tau:
HQ 1 (175pkt)
- Shas'o - AFP + CIB + Positional Relay + HWDC + HWMT + Stimulant Injector + BK +2x SHIELD DRONE

ELITE 1: Crisis Battlesuit Team (192pkt)
- Team leader - PR + TWL MP + HWMT + HWTL + HWDC + BK + SHIELD DRONE
- Crisis Battlesuit 2x - FL + TWL MP

TROOPS 3: (292pkt)
- Firewarrior 9x + Pulse Rifle (90pkt)
- Firewarrior 9x + Pulse Rifle (90pkt)
- Kroot Carnivore Squad - Kroot x10 + Kroot Hound x7 (112pkt)

FAST 1: Pathfinder Team (143pts)
- Pathfinder x4 + Pulse Carabine w/markerlight (1 survived)
- Devilfish - BC + Gun drone 2x (destroyed) + Distruption pod + Sensory Spines

HEAVY: 1 Broadside Battlesuit Team (198pkt):
- Team Leader - Railgun + SMS + AdvSS + HWMT +HWTL +HWBF + BK +HWDC + SHIELD DRONE
- Broadside Battlesuit - Railgun + SMS + AdvSS

My Tau:
XV8 Shas'o AFP, Plasma Rifle, Shield Gen., HW MT, Stim. Inj., Hw Drone Ctrlr., Shield Drone (destroyed)

2x XV8 Shas'ui TL Missile Pod, HW Drone Ctrlr, Shield Drone (destroyed)

12x Shas'la 'ui upgrade, Bonding Knife, Devilfish (D. pod, MT) (only 'ui alive)

12x Shas'la 'ui upgrade, Bonding Knife, Devilfish (D. pod, MT)

10x Kroot (2 stayed alive)

2x XV88 'vre upgrade, 2xA.S.S., vre: TL Plasma Rifles, HW Target Lock, HW MT.

So, I marked red units that weren't on table at the end of the game, and orange are units halved or less and damaged vehicles.

Ok, guess who am I playing in 3rd turn?

See you, 
Shadow Hunter

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