Saturday, March 27, 2010

Infestation! Tyranids incoming!

"Ui'Acuri, heavy vibrations on east of cadre station!"
"I feel them too. It sounds like more than two monstous creatures coming... No, not only. Mass of smaller creatures can be felt too... And even seen!" Pathfinder switched vox channels "O'Amis, we are under Tyranid attack! Get all units ready to battle!"
"Thank you, Ui'Acuri. What can we expect?" Asked Commander.
"Looks like Tervigon and Carnifex with something like fog-making creature and Biovore... not sure, maybe some newly evolved creature...? Plus about 20 to 40 Terma- or Hormagaunts."
"Moving into position" Devilfishes' and Hammerhead's crew announced through vox.
Then Ui' Acuri heard rustling and then saw them: broods of small, winged creatures with three winged Tyranid Warriors were coming from north.
"O'Amis, Gargoyles striking from north! No, no! My brother!!!"

In this bat-rep I'll try a new way of showing what happened. I drawn a map with terrain, units and their moves. After pictures I'll write what happened. Okay?

Here you have match data and deployment scheme.

And there goes game scheme.

We tried out Battle Missions. I rolled dice and it was Tyranid Infestation. Winner chooses which quarter will be Tyranids' opponent's deployment zone (I won, I chose south-west one). Then Mauryc deployed his Tyranids (2x broods of 15 Gargoyles, 3 Shrikes, Tervigon, Tyrannofex, 1x Hive Gurad, 1x Venomthrope, 30x Termagants, 2 broods of 10x Genestealers, Trygon Prime). I deployed mine (League list tryout). He was going to Outflank with Genestealers, I with Kroot, he decided to Deep Strike Trygon and I Flamer XV8s.

In first turn Mauryc forgot to produce Termagants with Tervigon, but managed to give nearby Termagants Feel no Pain. Gargoyles and Warriors killed 5 out of 6 Pathfinders, the last didn't pass Morale and ran off the board.
I Tank Shocked Termagants, getting them tighter, shoot at them with O'Amis' AFP and wounded 8, but thanks to FnP I killed only 2 of them. Fire Warriors which weren't in DF embarked onto Pathfinders' DF. I moved as showed, shot with DFs on Gargoyles killing 5, HH shot at Warriors causing three wounds and killing 1 more Gargoyle. XV88s and Deathrains shot at Tervigon (or Tyrannofex, I'm not sure :D ) causing one or two wounds.

Second turn started with exhausting spawning of 5 Termagants by Tervigon (2, 2, 1) :D . Everything moved onward, 9 Gargoyles flew onto Pathfinders' hill together with  Shrikes, and he got out of Reserves one Genestealers brood, however they didn't manage to cause any more damage than destroying a weapon on not-PF DF. Again all Tyrannofex's and Hive Guard's shots bounced off the Broadsides armor, and Gargoyles' shots done nothing to HH. In Assault phase he tried to charge XV88s with Shrikes, but he rolled 5 for Diff. Terrain test and so I was out of his reach.
In my turn I rolled 2+ for flamer-XV8s thanks to Pos. Relay and Deep Struck them just in front of this huge Termagant brood and I burnt 17 of them... nice! I moved HH and DFs in such manoeuver to block Genestealers should they survive or should next brood come in, disembarked FWs and shot. Genestealers were killed by one FWs team, those 9 Gargoyles by second FWs team, Shrikes by Deathrains and one of Broadsides. Piranhas moved to shoot on Venomthrope, but missed one, rolled one 1 ot wound and 3rd shot he Cover saved on 6, but the other Broadside shot, wounded and insta-killed him at least. HH shot at second Gargoyles brood together with Commander, killing 12. Enough.

Third turn was palyed only by Maurycy, 'cause shops' owner fired us to make space for Magic: the Gathering players... from now on: I officially hate them. Even that I played it 3 years ago... ;)

So, last 3 Gargoyles charged into FWs killing 4, but I managed to kill all 3 of those flying beasts. I won HtH combat! ;) two teams of Termagants (5+11 or so) charged on XV8s, but we didn't roll for this combat thanks to MtG. Instead we calculated that he Would inflict about 2 unsaved wound on me, and I would kill 2 of them too. So, draw. 

Anyhow would it be later, I think nobody will deny my victory! I killed 6 units (2 Gargoyle broods, Shrikes, Venomthrope and 2 Genestealer broods) and he killed only one! Poor Pathfinders... So this was a Mont'ka tactic, Killing Blow! Only 10 casualties...

Or you think he would have won (I'll remind you he still didn't Deep Strike Trygon Prime, and I had Kroots in Outflank...)? Any thoughts on used tactic?

O'Amis, The Shadow Hunter

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