Thursday, March 25, 2010

NEW! XV9s from FW are incoming! + League Army List

About XV9s I'll just send you to Warhammer Tau, because I don't want to double same thing, and because I want you to see this blog - nice Tauish one!

And my League army list is:

HQ 152 pts
XV8 Shas'o AFP, MP, Pos. Relay, HW MT, Stim. inj., HW DC, Shield Drone

Elites 170 pts
2x XV8 Shas'ui TL MP, BS filter

2x XV8 Shas'ui TL flamer, BC

Troops 425 pts
12x FW Shas'la 12x Pulse rifle, 'ui upgrd, BK

12x FW Shas'la 12x Pulse rifle, 'ui upgrd, BK
Devilfish Disruption pod

10x Kroot

Fast Attack 397 pts
Piranha Fusion blaster, Targ. array, D. pod, Seeker missile
Piranha  Fusion blaster, Targ. array, D. pod
Piranha  Fusion blaster

6x PF Shas'la 'ui upgrd, BK
Devilfish Disruption pod

Heavy Support 355 pts
2x XV88 Shas'ui A.S.S., Team Leader upgrd, Team Leader: HW MT, HW TL, HW DC, Shield Drone

Hammerhead Railgun, BCs, MT, D. pod

So, that's it. Comment as much as possible. I wanted to make army not to win, but to try new tactics, such as 3 Piranhas blocking Land Raider and other transports to destroy transported troops, cheap XV8s and such. So, see it & comment it.

O'Amis, Shadow Hunter

PS. I thought about changing blogs title to A'mis Hunter Cadre or A'mis Shadow Cadre. Wht do you think.

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