Sunday, October 20, 2013

TEv17 & FEv4 - R'varna finally available in roster

I just forgot to link entry. Nevermind, it's all fixed now. Thanks Kangodo form The Catalogue!


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  2. Two questions:
    1. Can the R'Varna take the same upgrades as the standard Riptide (Earth Caste, I'm looking at you)
    2. Why does the Riptide have access to the XV Crisis suits from FW?

    1. Well... good questions:

      1. It can't take Sugnature Systems, because it doesn't say anything about that in its rules:

      2. Because in Farsight Enclaves Riptides have access to Signature Systems, and its still unsure if FEnclaves have access to FW SigSystems, so I included them in case it's legal.

  3. My responses to both would be:

    1. Quoting from the experimental rules: 'With the same restrictions of choice that apply to a Riptide battlesuit'. FW doesn't publish their rules with the supplements in mind, because GW feels that FW and Supplements don't really mesh well. But I'd say that because a Riptide in Farsight gets to take Signatures, that's a 'restriction of choice' that is overrode.

    2. I don't mind anything about the FW SigSystems, and whether you can take it. I just meant that those particular Signature Systems are variations on the XV8 Crisis suit. A Riptide *shouldn't* be able to take those, because the Riptide is an XV10 design.

    1. 1. Quote is about Support Systems and we discuss Encalve-only SigSystems. And we discuss availability of SigSys option on R'varna which is, indeed, Riptide variant, but it's variant. Would you discuss that XV8 has access to SigSystem because XV8 bodyguards have that access? so it's a variant, but with it's own rules.

      To be clear I see where are you coming from, but it's just sooo pushing interpretation to its boundaries, I just can't agree. Enough was with allowing FW SigS's for Enclaves (they are an addition). But In FEnclaves it's written that Riptides in FE have access to SigSystems and Rvarna just isn't Riptide enough. ;)

      2. Well it's because Riptide has access to global upgrade list, so I'd have to change global SigSystems list. It's because I've made a quick link-up to it, and didn't bother with processing/validating it. I will do it when final (non-experimental) rules go into the wild.

      Thank you for commenting.

  4. I've found two bugs in the catalog:
    1) When adding the "Farsight's Commander Team", the constraints aren't working right. While the "minimum one" is working pefectly, when trying to add more than one of The Eight in the unit, it throws a "You can have at most 1 selections from The Eight - choose up to 7 in your Roster" error.

    2) When changing the size of my "XV8 Crisis Team" units, the "Bonding Knife Ritual" value doesn't follow the amount of Battlesuits in the unit (It stays always at 1). After checking it out, It seems to be a problem with the Ritual itself, as it behaves the same way (That is the wrong way) in every unit with access to that upgrade.

    1. 1. Possibly a bug indeed, I'll check tak when I get to PC.
      2. It's confirmed bug in BattleScribe itself.