Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Firebase Support Cadre available! + bug fixes

TEv18 & FESv5 changes:
-> added Firebase Support Cadre Formation from Digital Editions Dataslate (WARNING: this needs v17 of gst, available currently only in my repo)
-> added Lords of War entries for all four flyers (Manta, Orca, both Tiger Sharks)
-> relinked Eqializers to link correctly to thier profile
-> tagged R'varna with "[FW]"


  1. Hello!

    Sorry for a wierd question, but what's "gst" that must be v17?

    I'd wish to add a Firebase Support Cadre to roster, but can't see it anywhere in Tau units list, or a detachment type...

    I've loaded index.bsi from sidebar here.

    1. If you've loaded this index, and made Data Update in BScribe, you should have this "gst" I talk about (it's Game SysTem file), however as FSCadre is a Formation, you need to add new Force Type called Formation, and here it wll be available. :)

    2. Thanks! I've just found it :)

      But now i can't see FSC if i'm adding an Enclaves Formation detachment.
      AFAIC, FSC can belong to FE as well as to "vanilla tau". Will it be available there?

    3. Um, seems like everyone agrees. Now that I feel sure about it, I'll add it in few days. Watch out!

    4. Amadeusz, good day!

      How's is going with FSC for FE? It's becoming very actual for roster-making.. Currently we're using an additional FE allied detachment for it, but errors are a pain =))

      Can i help you with catalogue? I can add FSC to it and send a catz file to you back, if you will give it to me.
      (maybe, i can have it myself from index.bsi file somehow, but i don't know it yet)

      Thanks again! And merry christmas.

    5. That was mess. I've actually made FSC in FES, and was pretty sure I did, so when I checked I saw neither one I uploaded was FES cat. O.o
      Now it's all good. :)

    6. Hello again! Now that's cool ^^ Our big guns are already itching)

      But it seems like i've found a bug in FE FSC. It requires a compulsory Crisis team. This leads to an error, and due to it we can't even save a roster on desktop Battlescribe.

  2. yay, AX 1-0!

    nice baneblade you have there *BOOM*

  3. Man - you are BRUTAL! Love your work. btw... noticed a small bug, while going over the "bonding knife ritual note", I don't get a description, just a "*". Its not like we all don't know what it is - but just wanted to give u a note. Anyways, nice job.

    1. Hello!

      Sorry to interfere, but you have pointed out an important thing. As i watched this Tau catalogue, i was amazed at it's quality: almost all rules and profiles had full descriptions. For great many other races' catalogues it is, regrettably, not so (they have "*" in their tooltips).

      I asked this other catalogues' authors about it, and they answered that it's due to Randomhit policy about GW. Seems like it's prohibited to publish some of the rules in catalogues.

      But, what exactly is not to be published, is vague. The catalog's author i've talked to intended to ask the forum's admins about it.

      Amadeusz, may i ask, have you got some info on this matter? What rules shouldn't be published in catalogs (shared for public download i mean)?

      Because... all this "*" in so many races' lists are just terrible (( I'm filling their descriptions myself for my private use, but can it be done in more centralized way?

    2. How did u edited the "*" descriptions and where? I tried to used the "catalogue editor" - but after that, the "rooster editor crashed" when i reloaded it, and had to use the backup copy. Anyways - Usually when I run into the GW policy on forums, this catalogue etc. It's like [quote]Don't post any given rules directly, nor scans or photos from GW or FW published materials. These are protected by copyright owned by GW or FW, and will be removed at first given opportunity. Hints like "The point cost is the same as ...." or "It has the same statline as a..." is alright. If and when you post a list you need advice for then use this as a standard/guideline...[/quote]. But then again, there's already a ton of stats init already - so whats wrong with a decent description? Anyways - I own the codex, so I know whats not complete. If I didn't had it - I would probably not even noticed the difference. But a "*" just looks uncool. Btw. Amadeusz is a member, (like me) of the Tau Empire group on Facebook. Maybe we should continue the discussion there - its not like many people read about it here.

    3. Hello, Cesar!

      "How did u edited the "*" descriptions and where? I tried to used the "catalogue editor" - but after that, the "rooster editor crashed" when i reloaded it, and had to use the backup copy."

      - I'm using Catalogue editor. It's buggy indeed, i've seen some errors too :) But AFAIK we haven't something better yet. Maybe, to write a bugreport on battlescribe.net will help.

      "But then again, there's already a ton of stats init already - so whats wrong with a decent description?"

      - Yes, exactly.

      Yes, let's talk about it on Facebook. Is this right group? https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tau-Empire/119344291415452

    4. Well actually here look more people than you can tell. More than we had members on that group on FB some time ago. Just pretty no one says anything :)

      Well as for the * thing, I'll update it. Yes it's a rule we don't include rules in Randomhit. My cat is also available there. But after I've put so much effort in writing, I wanted to share it, and so I've put this blog up. Cya on FB!

    5. Actually its this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/5143693985/


      More members...

    6. Danijel Cesar, are you sure there is no description for Bonding Ritual? I do have it in my version. Or if you're talking about it displaying like that:
      Bonding Knife Ritual (*) - this means that wargear has a rule assigned, with the same name as wargear.
      This loead to, ie.
      'Tau Firebase Support Cadre' having rules:
      *. Tank Hunter
      which means, this formation has a rule with the same name as formation, and Tank Hunters rule.

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