Friday, February 19, 2010

Tournament scores

Well, after looong two weeks in mountains, one skiing, one snowboarding (no broken arms&legs ;), I returned safely to home. But just before, I won 3rd tournament game with... surprise! Tau! But hey, I just couldn't have lost. He had too high point costs, as it came out just after match, he was newbie, it was his first REAL game, so not a big succes. But it's always good to see somebody new to Tau - I hope to teach him something, play and see new Tau Commander rising.
4th game was with (I begged Fortune, Fate etc. for not play against him, but...) my friend, Mauryc. He had Tyranids with really good amount of Genestealers (21 I think), and all of them Outflanked in one turn. Well, I made no strategic mistake, as we both agreed aftermatch, just nobody would stand against that alive. Oh, I have to remind you we played on 48"x48" table, he rolled 4,5 and 6 for his three teams of Genestealers for running, and it was on turn 2. Enough? No? We played Spearhead deployment. Still not enough? He had two Zoanthropes, one of them destroying Devilfish in first turn (ok, my bad: still have to work on mind-measuring).
So, he blew me out, annihilated me completely. He took 5th place in final scores, I was like 26th or so. it was 34 players. But I didn't want to win it, I wanted to collect informations about players in my city. So:

Objective achieved!

Now I feel I have to admit I failed in attempt to make Crisis team in January. So it moves to February. Keep your fingers crossed for me! ;D

See you,
Shadow Hunter

PS. I just saw that my name (Shadow Hunter) is the nick (title?) of the Karandras, Eldar Phoenix Lord. However I must say I invented it by myself, not copied the idea from him. Anybody believes me...?

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