Tuesday, March 23, 2010

XV88 WIP - Shas'vre ready for battle!

So it was over a month from last post, and it wasn't two weeks just because of my pure laziness. BUT, I have really good news! I finished my XV88 Broadside Battlesuit Shas'Vre! It's absolutely finished, with all decals, freehand markings (first ones, so don't cry how bad please ;) ) and even coated with Varnish! Here are the pics: first shows Veteran before highlighting (first real one in my life, Devilfish's ones I wouldn't count as true highlights...), the other one is more views as he is finished. Hooray!
Click to see datails (hard-worked by the way :D )

On the other hand, I have to build one more Devilfish chassis, because... I signed up for next tournament! I'll show you my army list in near future.

My brother's Wave Serpent is completely magnetized (by me, of course - I just LOVE magnetizing so much...) and partialy glued. Not completely because I want Aureliusz (that's his name, as the one of Rome caesar :) to paint inside. I didn't make doors magnetized to glue them after all! And I love Eldar's vehicles design! I'd collect them, if I would't have my Tau to take care of.

See you
O'Amis, Shadow Hunter

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  1. Very nice! Smooth, clean colors, nice detail work (especially the lenses and the highlighting), and good decal usage too. I'm very impressed (and somewhat jealous)!